The choice is or press printing. The time requirements and style of your design will help to make the choice easier. We have several ways to print your full color or black & white project.

Offset Printing:
Offset printing is done on presses that use plates and ink. As your piece is printed on an offset press, the ink is absorbed into the paper and bonds with it. Because of the plates used, and the way the ink is transferred to the paper, most people feel that offset printing provides a traditional look and feel. There is a broader range of papers and thicknesses to choose from when printing on a press. Envelopes and thick business cards are some examples for the use of a press verses digital.

Digital Printing:
Digital printing is a direct from computer method. This format for reproducing is used when there are shorter quantities and multiple colors needed. This is usually the choice for multiple colored business cards, fliers and postcards. For a full color letterhead however, we choose offset printing because the ink dries color fast for you to print on in your office.

Copy - Color or Black & White:
The copy process is using your print-outs from your office. Our copiers are new and produce awesome results, most times better than the original.

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