• Use BLACK ink.
  • Use white paper. 
  • Number all pages. 
  • Use a glue stick for all paste-ups.
  • Allow as much as 3/8" - 1/2" clear margin around the edges - top and bottom.
  • Remove all staples.


  • Use blue or pastel colored inks.
  • Use pencil or ball-point pen.
  • Use a copy as an original if at all possible.  A little copy quality is lost from each generation of copy-to-copy, etc.
  • Mix paper sizes in the same group of papers if at all possible.
  • Use staples.  Staples will jam the machine as it goes through the paper feeder.  Staple holes will show as black dots on the copied material.
  • Mix single-sided and double-sided sheets.
  • Type on your letterhead in order to make copies on your letterhead.
  • Expect to use your own paper stock without checking with us first to see if it will work with our copiers.

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