Electronic Files
Before you begin to design a document, contact us to make sure we have compatible software (the same program and version that you are using).

If you supply us with an electronic file, include all fonts and placed images.

High resolution (hi-res) graphics are recommended for a sharp/crisp print. 300-dpi (dots per inch) is standard hi-res. Anything lower than 300-dpi will not appear sharp.

Always supply a printed copy of your document so we know what it is suppose to look like. Different computers may read your file differently. Text may be repositioned in your original file. Fonts of the same name (Arial) may come from a different brand/company and flow differently. (i.e. text repositioning /reflow, missing fonts or placed images/pictures).

Most Microsoft applications are not recommended for graphic/commercial press printing use. These programs were not designed for color separation and may require extra time to get the file to work. Microsoft applications are good for printing to a black & white or color copier, which do not need color separation.

If you send an email call and let us know that you have sent something. Sometimes your email may get lost in the transfer and we won't know it is coming, or it may become corrupt in the transmission. So always include specifics, like a contact name and number and what you want.

Proofs are of the utmost importance and are provided with every order. We like to give every customer a proof of their order so they can check it carefully for spelling, punctuation and position. This is a very important step. Your approval/signature waives the us of any mistakes.


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